Your Legs Can Says A Lot About Your Health- Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

We certainly know that many of the health problems occur long before the symptoms manifest. Often, even if we don’t feel bad, it’s enough to look closely at our body to realize that there is something wrong with us.

Absence of hair on your fingers
For aesthetic reasons, most of us prefer to remove by epilation even the last hair of the body. Obviously, here comes the hair on your fingers and toes. However, the lack of hair on the toes, in the case we have no contribution, may indicate certain health problems. The most important of these is the bad circulation.

Specialists say that the lack of hair on the toes is due to the fact that the heart doesn’t pump enough blood to the feet. Thus, the blood flow to this part of the body, not being strong enough, can’t sustain hair growth.

An abnormal and short-time development of the thumb
If you notice that the big toe from one of the legs has increased too much in a short period of time and, in addition, it’s red, irritated or inflamed, urgently address your doctor. These symptoms tell you about your health that you may have diseases like arthritis or gout.

Numbness in your fingers
A sensation of numbness felt at the level of the big toes is a symptom of diabetes. At the same time, it may be a side effect of chemotherapy. On the other hand, if the numbness isĀ  felt only on one leg, the cause could be a nerve injury.

Pain in the heel
The constant pain in the heel can be a symptom of plant fasciitis, a disorder that manifests itself by breaking or stretching the plant fascia – the fibrous membrane that extends from the heel to the base of the fingers.

Desquamation and itching
The skin on your legs is very exfoliated and even is falling? Causes may be, in happy cases, foot fungus, a fungal infection that can be treated with special ointments or, more severely, psoriasis, a situation that require medical consultation and supervision for the rest of your life.

Yellowish nails
Often, yellowish nails are associated with aging, but they can also be a symptom of fungal infections. Yellowing of the nails appear at women who use nail polish all the time.