White Teeth in 10 minutes Using Natural Ingredients

You look in the mirror and you notice that you don’t have white teeth? I will suggest you some natural and simple remedies that even our grandmothers used them.These homemade remedies will help you to have a beautiful smile.

Not all natural treatments for white teeth are the same. Some of them are delicate, while other are aggressive and you should use them with caution.

1. Baking soda for white teeth

Baking soda will whiten your teeth by its abrasion proprieties. You will get rid of the spots and enamel from your teeth and they will become bright. Use the baking soda like you use the toothpaste. After using, is necessary to rinse your mouth very well. The excessive using of baking soda will destroy your enamel coating. You can use baking soda once a week and will see amazing results.

2. Sage for white teeth

Sage eliminate the spots from the teeth. It also have antibacterial proprieties. Sage is a good remedy for painful gums due to its astringent effect. Rub your teeth with sage leave 2 times per week. The excessive using of sage will grow your teeth sensitivity.

3. Clay for white teeth

Clay is a formidable ingredients when we talk about teeth whitening and purification of mouth. Is rich in minerals and trace elements. It is a natural disinfectant and helps in healing problems like abscesses, pus and bacterial fermentation. Wash your teeth with a mixture with water and clay for 4 minutes. You will notice that you will have white teeth.

4. Hydrogen peroxide for white teeth

Buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from pharmacy. Soak a cotton pad in hydrogen peroxide and rub your teeth with it.  Rinse your mouth very well. Be careful- Do not swallow the hydrogen peroxide.  Also, you can mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda or clay, until you obtain a paste. Wash your teeth with this mixture for 3-4 minutes. Use this remedy once a week.

White Teeth in 10 minutes Using Natural Ingredients