Warning Signs Your Body Gives You 1 Month Before Heart Attack

Heart attack may occur unexpectedly, but often the first few signs appear a few days or even a few weeks before. Unfortunately, there are quite subtle symptoms that many people ignore.

Heart attack occurs when cholesterol deposits are formed on the walls of a coronary artery. Under these conditions, the heart doesn’t receive the necessary amount of blood and the heart attack occurs. The patient feels pain and strong pressure in the chest, and if it’s not intervened immediately, death may occur.

Some signs appear days or weeks before the heart attack occurs. Everyone needs to know how to recognize them and ask their doctor to help prevent heart attack. So, here’s what symptoms can appear long before this happen:

Excessive fatigue
When a coronary artery narrows, the heart works more than usual to get the amount of blood needed, and you feel extremely tired. If you notice that you don’t feel rested after  a few days of rest, go to the doctor.

Breathing difficulties
Another sign that you should urgently send to your doctor is difficulty breathing. When the heart receives less blood, it means that the lungs also receive less oxygen and no longer function normally. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are dependent on each other, so don’t ignore this symptom.