Tricks to make your nail polish last longer

An impeccable manicure is the dream of any lady. Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, we invest in all kinds of nail care products, but also in the most expensive polishes.

Be careful where you place your nail polish bottle – The strength of a manicure depends on the quality of the nail polish used. In order for it to maintain its best qualities, it is advisable to keep it in dark and cool places. Otherwise, it will no longer be as good. Strong sunlight or artificial light can significantly affect its composition.

Instead of shaking the bottle, the better you roll it – The manicure experts advise you to give up this habit, because when you shake the bottle, the nail polish will fill with air bubbles. That is why it will no longer be as effective, and your manicure will be more exposed to cracks.

Gently file your nails – For the manicure to be more durable, it is very important how you prepare your nails before applying the nail polish. Gently file your nails before applying the nail polish,

Wipe your nails with acetone even if they are clean – One of the most recommended tricks related to obtaining a more beautiful and resistant manicure is this: to apply on the clean nails an acetone solution. The reason you should do this is because such a solution will remove all oils from the nail surface. However, if they were not removed, the manicure could not be very resistant.

Apply two base layers before applying nail polish. Your manicure will last longer if you apply two base layers of nail polish.

Do not wait too long until you apply nail polish over the base layer. Because the base will give the manicure more durability, since it will blend better with the color pigments from the nail polish, don’t stay too long until you will apply the nail polish.

Make your nail polish to last longer