Tips To Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair too frequently is a burden and can be harmful in the long run. Not to mention it creates a vicious circle where hair gets greasy faster and requires even more washes. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks that will help you have gorgeous hair with fewer washes and less damage.

  1. Watch your menu. Remove as much fatty and fried dishes from your menu. Stay away from sugar, white bread and canned foods, they all have the same effect of overloading your sebaceous glands to produce more fat. Include as many fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean meat and nuts in your diet.
  2. Dry shampoo. Bless the inventor of this miracle beauty product! Conceal any greasy shine with the help of the dry shampoo. Don’t use for two days in a row, dry shampoo is there to help you during emergencies and over use can lead to different scalp health
  3. Change your parting if you feel your hair is getting greasy because that area of the head gets dirty really fast. Changing the side of your parting will also add new volume, creating a new look, and an appereance of oily hair will disappear.
  4. Improvise by accessorizing! Take that headscarf hidden in the drawer and save your hair for a day! Conceal greasy hair with the help of headpieces such as headbands and flowers, pin it up or put in a ponytail.
  5. Pay attention to water temperature. Stay away from hot water if you don’t want to have your hair get really greasy fast. Avoid using heat when drying it out as well.
  6. This is the best hairstyle you could go for if you want to conceal greasy hair roots. Rock the braid with confidence and make sure the braid is not too smooth, make is messy!
  7. Wash your brushes. Don’t forget to clean your styling tools to prevent residues of skin fat, conditioner and other styling substances that may affect the cleanliness of your hair.
  8. Comb your hair before going to bed! Braid your hair before going to bed, this will keep your hair in place and prevent it from getting greasy overnight.
  9. Avoid flat hairdos that will accentuate your greasy hair. Go for messier and extra volume, putting the hair in a stylish bun.