The Time Of Digestion For Every Type Of Food

Digestion time of the consumed foods can contribute or, on the contrary, can harm the process of slimming. The body uses a series of mechanical and biochemical processes to transform food and to absorb the nutrients from it, and this varies from person to person. In this article you will find out the time of digestion for every type of food.

In order to be completely digested, food takes time, but not all foods are digesting as easily or in the same time. The faster your digestion is, the better you will feel without having digestive cramps or feeling your stomach full for a long time after eating.

Here is the time of digestion for every type of food:

  • Water – immediately reach the intestines
  • Vegetables of fruits juice – 20 minutes
  • Fruits that contain a large amount of water (watermelon, grapes) and berries – 20 minutes
  • Citrus – 30 minutes
  • Fresh vegetables and salads without oil – 30 minutes
  • Boiled vegetables – 40 minutes
  • Semi-concentrated carbohydrates (artichokes, pumpkin, corn, potatoes) – 60 minutes
  • Concentrated carbohydrates (brown rice, wheat, beans, peas) – 90 minutes
  • Seeds and nuts – 2-3 hours
  • Dairy products – 3 hours
  • Fried egg – 3 hours
  • Boiled egg – 45 minutes
  • Fish – 60 minutes
  • Chicken meat – 2-3 hours
  • Turkey meat – 2-3 hours
  • Beef meat – 4 hours
  • Mutton meat – 4 hours
  • Pork meat – 5-6 hours

Advice to improve the digestion:

  • Take time for you breakfast: the morning meal is mandatory and it is recommended to eat probiotic-rich fruits and yoghurt to facilitate digestion.
  • Eat at regular times: Nutritionists say that a food routine has a regulating effect on the your digestive system.
  • Choose a healthy way to prepare food: To improve digestion, fat consumption must be limited! Foods with a high lipid content slow down the digestive process and load the body with toxins.
  • Eat smaller portions: Overeating is the main cause of indigestion. Stop eating before you feel full because the brain is transmitting satiety signals 10 minutes after you are full.