THIS Remedy Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy

Tired of trying all those expensive hair treatments from the market with no result? Nature has everything we need for any health and beauty problem. In this article you will find a natural remedy that will make your hair grow like crazy.

Hair Growth Treatment

You need: an egg yolk, a tablespoon of castor oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mix the three ingredients until you obtain a paste, then apply it to the hair, massaging the scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and let the treatment work overnight.

Castor oil is the key ingredient in any treatment for rapid hair growth. It has a great regenerative power, combats hair loss and strengthens its roots. The egg yolk feeds the root of the hair, and the lemon juice keeps the sebum away and gives it a natural shine.

How to grow your hair faster with food

To help your hair to increase its growth rhythm, you also need to look internally, so a healthy and balanced diet it’s necessary.

Foods rich in vitamins A (dairy, spinach, fish), B (bananas, herbs, meat), C (sea buckthorn, rose, citrus) and E (whole grains, almonds, nuts) are essential for hair. You also need Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, magnesium and protein, so the root of the hair to be strong. Remember that your diet needs to be varied and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also supplement the nutrients your body needs through dietary supplements.

The answer to the question of how to make your hair to grow faster is simple: eat as healthy as possible, keep a quiet life, and periodically apply to your head some massages and treatments. Natural ingredients are wonderful hair care solutions that you can rely on at any time, no matter what you are dealing with.