THIS Is The Safest Seat On A Plane In Case Of An Accident

According to statistics released by Alison Duquette, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman for the US, the chances of a plane crashing are one to one million. But many many people are afraid to fly and maybe knowing that staying in the safest seat on a plane will make them feel better.

Even in 2016, the plane it’s on the first place in the ranking of the safest transport means in the United States. Even so, there is no seat to be 100% safe in case of an accident, says Duquette.

Duquette indicates that the seats located near the tail of the airplane are the safest, and people staying there have up to 40% more chances to survive in case of an accident. On the other hand, the most dangerous places on the plane are those near the cabin, with 44% recorded mortality. Although each accident is different and these figures may vary, the closest places to the tail and wings are the safest.