Things That Happen To Your Body When You Cry

There is nothing wrong with expressing your pain or happiness through tears. People who cry often wear a stigma, that they are too sensitive, mad or weak. Why do you think we are crying? What happens to us when and after we cry?

Tears are medicine – No, they are not antibiotics, but contain lysozyme, an antibacterial agent that helps prevent diseases (such as colds).

Hormones are released – When you are crying, some hormones are poured into the endocrine system to prepare the tear glands. In this way you will eliminate some hormones

Fight or run – Whether you cry for happiness, sadness or pain, the body releases the stress hormone – cortisol. This hormone will make you have the feeling that Americans call it “fight or flight”.

You put a knot in your throat –¬†I’m sure that you have noticed that when you cry, you are knocking your throat. This phenomenon is called the “Globus sensation – Globus hystericus” and it seems to be due to the state of anxiety.

Reject the men – A study made at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel showed that at the sight of a woman crying or even the smell of a woman crying, men are less likely to have sexual desire.

Welcome, the hormone of happiness! – Sometimes, after crying, do you feel that you’re recovering after a serious workout? It’s because your body releases endorphins – the hormones of happiness. The good news is that they make us feel better and reduce the pain.

You tear more than you think! – Even if you do not cry every day, your body produces about 200 ml of tears. Most of the time, they get into the nose.