Things That Every Women Should Do Before Stepping In the Shower

I’m sure you will look weird at this title and you will wonder what you should so before stepping in the shower. Maybe you have no idea and you think there is nothing to do before making a shower. Most of the time we are hurry and all we want is to be faster in the shower. In this article you will find out some thing that every women should do before taking a shower!

Remove your contact lenses

Water and contact lenses should never be contact, and this is true for bath water as well. Since the soft parts o fcontact lenses are permeable, chemicals from the water can penetrate the lens and cause serious eye infections. For example, Acanthamoeba, an amphibian found in clean water and even in drinking water because it can not be eradicated effectively with chlorine can cause eye infections. Therefore, the ophthalmologist Edward Bennett encourages to remove your contact lenses before entering the bath or go swimming: “Infection is rare, but when progresses rapidly and, in severe cases may require corneal transplant. Most importantly, do not you ever clean with water the lens “.

Leave at the door all the problems

If ever happened to have a moment of clarity in the shower, find out that you are not the only one. A study conducted in California by the University Santa Barbara, participants who let their minds relax during shower, experienced an increase rate in abilities to solve problems. Relaxing and familiar environment of your shower routine is a wonderful opportunity to let your mind on autopilot. Strenuous activities such as solving a math problem does not have the same effect so escape of stress, trouble etc. before entering the in shower.

Comb your hair before entering taking a shower

You already know that it is not wise to comb your wet hair. The wet hair is weakened and can break easily, but often you tend to be hard on him. “Water gives hair the ability to stretch more so you do not notice how hard you get a comb through it,” says Bill Schrlau, a stylist at the salon Adam Broderick Salon & Spa in Connecticut. On the other hand, tangled hair is difficult to comb when is dry and that is why you tend to be more delicate with him.