The Shortest Intelligence Test – It Has Only 3 Questions

The best intelligence test only contains three questions. It could be the best intelligence test at the moment. It’s designed to analyze the ability to understand that a problem is more difficult than it seems. If you discover the right answers, you should be clever.

The shortest intelligence test questions:
1. A ball and a chocolate cost 1 euro and 10 cents together. The chocolate cost 1 euro more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

2. If 5 machines need 5 minutes to produce 5 items, how long will need 100 machines to produce 100 objects?

3. On a lake there is an area with waterlilies. Every day, this area doubles its surface. If it takes 48 days for waterlilies to cover the whole lake, how long will take to cover half of the lake?

Most respond with:

1. The ball costs 10 cents.

2. The machines need 100 minutes to produce the 100 objects.

3. That the surface of the lake would be covered halfway in 24 days.

But not the right answers! These are the good answers:

1. The ball costs 5 cents.

2. It would take 5 minutes for 100 cars to produce 100 objects.

3. The waterlilies will cover half of the lake in 47 days.

This test was applied to 3,500 people. 33% of them have all three answers wrong. 83% of respondents have missed at least one question. 48% of the MIT students who took part in the survey found the answer to the three questions.