The Reason You Should Eat An Orange Everyday

Oranges are delicious and can be consumed in countless ways. Famous for the large amount of vitamin C, oranges strengthen the immune system, but a recent discovery also talks about other less well-known benefits of this fruit.

There is no doubt that oranges are on the list of fruits that help the body to prevent many diseases. A recent study has shown that when are consumed daily, oranges can reduce the chances of developing a disease faced by a lot of people.

Why should you eat one orange every day?
Studies say one orange a day takes away vision problems and even blindness. Tests have shown that chances of developing age-related macular degeneration are 60% lower for those who have introduced oranges in their daily diet. This disease means a loss of central vision, both distant and near vision.

This phenomenon was explained by Bamini Gopinath, a Sydney University researcher: “The data show that flavonoids found in oranges seem to protect against this disease. Flavonoids are very powerful antioxidants and can be found in almost all fruits and vegetables with important anti-inflammatory benefits to the immune system, “said the specialist.

Even if flavonoids are found in more vegetables or fruits, researchers have found that those in oranges have a much stronger effect in vision problems. Studies have shown that benefits appear even when the oranges are consumed weekly, and when this happens daily, the risk of developing the disease is considerably reduced.