The Nordic Diet Food List

The Nordic diet has become very popular among people who want to lose weight in a very easy way. This means that there is no sudden slimming, and this helps you not get back to the kilograms you started from. 

You’ve probably heard of a lot of diets that have a lot of rules. The Nordic diet promises, however, that it will not make your the body to suffer; besides, you will have all the nutrients you need throughout the diet.
Besides helping you lose weight, the Nordic diet also helps you to fight against heart disease. You will not get fat anymore if this diet becomes a permanent lifestyle..

Here is the food list of the Nordic diet:

– Carrots, celery, beets
– Cruciferous vegetables
– Green leaves (kale, spinach).

– Forest Foods (Mushrooms)
– Beans, seeds, lentils
– Rape and hemp oil

– Whole grains
– Berries
– Apples and pears
– Fatty fish (salmon, herring)
– Lean meat.

The first principles of this diet are to consume whole foods and not processed or refined foods. Rely on foods with omega-3 fatty acids from seafood, nuts and seeds. You can also consume whole grain carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Those who keep the Nordic diet can also consume small amounts of beef.

What’s more enjoyable for those who keep this diet is that they shouldn’t count calories.

According to a research done a few years ago by Danish doctors, those who kept the Nordic diet lost three times more weight than those who ate normally: roasted ham, pastries and other dishes with many calories.