The ideal foods for your kids

A list of ideal foods for children is useful and should be respected because if a child has a proper diet it has the highest chance of becoming a healthy adult. A useful tool in establishing the elements of the child’s diet is the food pyramid created for them.

This pyramid is different from that of adults, by the size of the recommended portions and by the different contribution of some key nutrients – calcium, iron, sodium, fats, proteins and not last, water intake. The amount of food must take into account the caloric needs of the child depending on his age and the level and intensity of physical activity that he practices.

Therefore, at the base of the child’s diet will be complex carbohydrates, moderately divided (bread, cereals, rice, butters, pasta). Fresh and dietary cooked fruits and vegetables constitute the next class of mandatory food in the child’s diet, due to the intake of fiber, enzymes, multivitamins and minerals they contain.

Light meat, fish, eggs contain protein and provide iron for the child. The portions shouldn’t exceed 80-100 g meat per day, and the cooking method should be dietary – boiled, grilled or baked, not fried.

At the same level in the pyramid are dairy products – whole milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc. They are important in the food pyramid, due to their high calcium, protein and vitamin D. content

The most limited level of the pyramid is the one that contains refined oils, fats and sweets and, therefore, they must be consumed very carefully and only occasionally, being rich in calories and low in nutrients. I

If you should to make a list of foods that should be found in the child’s diet, it should also contain products made from:

  • whole grains (rice, oats, whole wheat)
  • vegetables (with green leaves, rich in chlorophyll and pigments and with a darker color, rich in lycopene)
  • fruits (citrus fruits, rich in vitamins C, berries, rich in antioxidants)
  • egg (boiled sticky),
  • fresh cheese
  • turkey and salmon
  • dried beans, raw nuts and other oilseeds
  • spices – turmeric, peppermint, cinnamon
  • honey. Attention to honey! It is indeed a natural product, with multiple benefits, but the effect on body weight is the same as in the case of sugar.
Foods for kids