The best sleeping position to relieve period pain

Menstrual pain doesn’t affect all women, but there are cases where they become very very intense. Moreover, period pain can affect sleeping, which means that insomnia can occur much more often during this time of the month. Today you will find out the best sleeping position relieve period pain.

Depending on the body, the pains that occur during menstruation may be stronger or, on the contrary, they may be even insensible. A number of medications have been specifically designed to reduce the intensity of pain, but besides, there are some tricks that can help women overcome this difficult period of the month more easily.

After more researches, specialists have come to the conclusion that there is an ideal sleeping position during menstruation and that has the ability to reduce severe pain. In situations where muscle cramps are difficult to support, gynecologists recommend sleeping in the fetal position.

This position leads to the relaxation of the muscles in the abdominal area, which can automatically mean a reduction in the intensity of the abdominal cramps. Physicians recommend that during menstruation, women avoid sleeping on the stomach and this is because this position can make menstruation more abundant during the night, and the pains are even stronger.

Other tricks that can make women pass more easily over period pain are warm baths before bedtime or delicate massage in the abdominal area through circular movements.

Menstrual pain