A Simple Test with a Glass of Water: How Healthy is Your Hair?

You recently dyed your hair or you simply noticed that is dry and looks unhealthy? In this article you will find out about a simple test by using a glass of water, that will reveal you the health of your hair. Make this simple and quick test and find the health of your hair.

It takes you less than 1 minute to make this test and does’t cost you¬†anything.

The hair dryer, straightener, rubber bands, hair styling products and, of course, dyeing the hair, are extremely harmful , especially if you use them regularly. Well, to find out if your hair is (still) healthy, you can do this quickly and easily test.

You need a full glass of water where you put a strand of hair. If your hair will float to the surface, you should be happy because it means you have healthy hair.

On the other hand, if your hair is sinking means that it is extremely porous and allows water to penetrate into the hair structure. So the hair cuticle is affected by the ill-treatment to which you submit the hair.

A porous hair is electrifying fast, it is hard to style it and does not shine. To fix the problem, use a regular hair mask rich in amino acids, keratin and protein.

We all want a healthy and beautiful hair, so you can repeat this test very often! You can also use homemade mask, or different natural oils to nourish your hair.