Reasons You Should NEVER Skip Breakfast

Do you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you still keep skip it for various reasons? Here are some reasons why you should have breakfast every morning. I’m sure that from now on you will try to have breakfast as often as possible.

Breakfast helps you focus better – The morning meal provides you the neccesary glucose, that is an indispensable food for the brain to function at normal parameters. The energy and disposition of those who do not take breakfast, suffer. They become irritable, tired and agitated.

The morning meal helps you to lose weight – Paradoxically, jumping over breakfast not only doesn’t help you lose weight, but increases the risk of obesity. What is the explanation? Specialists claim that when we are starving, our tendency is that when we sit at the table we eat too much.

Breakfast lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease – By maintaining optimum weight, we also maintain a normal level of cholesterol. Thus, the heart is protected. Also, breakfast-specific foods, such as whole grains or fruits, contain fibers that help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The morning meal helps metabolism –¬†By jumping over breakfast, the body doesn’t receive the energy needed for a proper functioning. Metabolism slows down and tries to keep the body in normal parameters, and when you eat again, your body will block every food you eat, which makes weight loss more difficult.

The first meal of the day gives you energy – After sleep, the body needs “fuel” to start the new day well. The morning meal regulates the level of sugar in the blood and reactivates the body, providing you with an energy boost.

The morning meal escapes you from anxiety –As you well know, the feeling of hunger can cause mood swings and irritability. The same happens when we skip breakfast. People who use to eat in the morning tend to have a better mood.