Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Ignore the Appearance of Gray Hair

You may consider gray hair as something natural that comes with age and wisdom which is not entirely a lie. But there are numerous causes to hair turning gray early on. Gray hair may appear as a cause of hereditary heritage. People whose parents got gray hair sooner are more likely to notice some gray hairs before turning 30. This is still different from case to case, as there are siblings that don’t share the same genes.

Still, it is not something that is natural when hair turning gray occurs with no explanation before turning 30. Look into the following reasons and see for yourself why you should not ignore the appearance of gray hair!

Hair turning gray before it is naturally expected may signify early signs of a heart disease. Pay attention to this and get a cardiologist’s opinion.

If you suffer from peroxide accumulation your hair may get discolored. This is a natural process that occurs due to the fact that all hair follicles produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. It is also a condition that can be treated with an UVB activated compound that’s used for skin pigmentation disorders.

Lacking vitamins D3 and B12 will also turn your hair gray before it’s expected. Change your diet and you will also stop or slow down the process of hair turning gray. The mentioned vitamins are responsible for producing melanin (the substance that gives skin and hair color).

Smoking also leads to hair prematurely turning gray. It’s a proven fact that smokers get silver hair sooner than those that stay away from cigarettes. Smoking can also lead to early loss of hair. It is enough to cut back on cigarettes to see your hair improving and getting its natural color back. Still, if you’ve been an avid smoker for years, there are very few ways to avoid the consequences.