The Reason You Should Stick Your Toes When You Wear High Heels

High heels are delightful, seductive, but it gives us, the most of us, big pain. And we still wondering if there is any sandal or shoe store in this world that has a heel and is also very comfortable. All women who dream of such accessories need to prepare themselves for the fact that they will suffer –  if not in the first hour at least in the next hours when they will wear high heels.

Today I will present you a very handy trick that helps you not only to resist on heels a longer time, but also to make all the moves you want. So, if you want to dance, move freely or to go anywhere on the heels, you only need to use this trick. The women who tried it guarantee that it is the best  “trick” in order to fool the heel shoes.

You only need patches or adhesive tape that is strong enough to keep your toes together. Stick the second and third toe of each leg with adhesive tape, and then lie down in your shoes. You will see that they are becoming more comfortable. The explanation is logical: the two sticked toes are the longest and most often make difficult the walking for a longer period of time. By applying this trick, you not only shrink them, but also protect them when they enter in the shoe. Also, you avoid contacting the second toe with your thumb, which often makes you remove your shoes and dance with barefoot.

So, the pain disappears with this little trick that many of us do not know. It is important, however, to have high heel shoes that are not very detached or sandals that have a thicker front brace. Otherwise, you will see the patches. You can also try with a skin color adhesive tape, but it is not guaranteed that it will not be observed.