The Reason It’s Good To Eat While You Look In The Mirror

The secret of a perfect silhouette is right in front of you. See why it’s good to eat in front of the mirror. A recent study has shown that eating in front of the mirror makes you eat healthier.

Researchers at the University of Florida have found that people who eat unhealthy food while looking in the mirror can not find anymore these culinary delights so delicious. This attitude towards food occurs because people feel uncomfortable when they look at themselves while eating sweets or fast food because they are aware that they should make healthier choices. If you’re on the diet or just want to eat healthier, install a mirror in the kitchen.

Researchers came to these conclusions after 185 students participate at taste test. The participants were asked to choose between a chocolate cake and a fruit salad, then tasted them in a mirror room or in a mirror-free room. People who chose the chocolate cake were unhappy with the mirror room, while the young people who ate the cake in the room without mirror had no objection. Scientists claim that mirrors make the viewers to compare their behavior to social standards and what they know is right. An individual who doesn’t respect these expectations doesn’t want to look in the mirror because he is overwhelmed by a sense of failure. This attitude occurs only if the person in the mirror chooses his food because he becomes responsible for its health and its silhouette. Consuming healthy food in the mirror doesn’t cause the same discomfort and doesn’t make food untasty.

So, if you desire to eat healthier and to obtain a perfect silhouette, you should put a mirror in the place you eat.