Plants for Breast Enlargement and Firmness

Every women desire to have a beautiful breast and many of them tried different treatments for breast enlargement and firmness.

You can obtain a breast enlargement without chemical treatments or surgery, by using the gifts from nature. These herbal treatments are easy to use and certainly lead to safe and lasting results.

1. Wheat germ oil for breast enlargement

A handy method for breast enlargement, with no pain is wheat germ oil.  This oil has a similar action like estrogens (female hormones). You will see great results if you apply this oil on your breast and  gently massage for 10 minutes. The results will coming if you use this oil minimum 3 weeks.

2. Dill oil and tincture for breast enlargement

Dill oil is a great method to tone your breasts. Like the wheat germ oil, you have yo apply the dill oil every day, for minimum 3 weeks. In order to obtain faster a firm breast, you can take a teaspoon of dill tincture every day/3 times per day, before you eat. You have to patient in order to see the results and take the tincture for 2 months. After 3 weeks, you have to take one week pause. After that, start again the treatment.

3. Spirulina, yeast and rosehip for breast enlargement

Even plants, including those for breast enlargement, need “fuel” in order to function optimally. Your body will not get the ideal nutrition that it needs only from the pills and vitamins prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories. The consumption of fresh fruit, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass, yeast and rosehip is very recommended.

4. Mix for hormonal stimulation for breast enlargement

Licorice root, fennel seed and anise are known that stimulate the hormonal breast enlargement. You can make a mix from these plants. Take equal amounts of these ingredients and grate them using a grinder. Take a teaspoon of this mixture every morning. Keep the mixture under your tongue for 5 minutes and then swallow it with water. Be careful! You need to have a healthy life style because these treatments can cause hormonal disorders.

Plants for Breast Enlargement and Firmness