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How to Make the Most Powerful Homemade Antibiotic

As you already know, I am a big fan of natural homemade treatments. In this article you will find out how to prepare the most powerful homemade antibiotic. I think this natural antibiotic is far away more effective than the chemical antibiotics. Moreover, the chemical antibiotic affects many organs from your body, creates adverse effects, and, in time, its effect is decreasing.

Colds, runny noses, flu or colds are illnesses that occur regardless of the season if you have a weak immune system. To keep us away from them, we should have an exemplary lifestyle. In other words, we should eat only healthy foods, rest enough, avoid stressful situations and, of course, to guard against the cold.

I know it’s hard to respect all these healthy lifestyle conditions, but you still can have a strong immune system if you try the homemade antibiotic.

How to make the most powerful homemade antibiotic


– 1 garlic

– 1 chili pepper

– 1 onion

– 1 ginger root

– 1 horseradish root

– apple vinegar

Take a recipient and fill 3/4 of it with all the ingredients, except the vinegar. The rest of 1/3, fill it with apple vinegar. Leave the mixture to soak 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you can consume this natural homemade antibiotic 30 ml, 2-3 times per day.

I recommend you follow this natural treatment 2 times per year. To benefit of its proprieties, you have to consume it every day for 2 weeks.

Pepper contains lycopene, a substance that protects the body against heart disease and cancer. Also contain antioxidants. Regular consumption of pepper stimulates circulation.

Onions are rich in antioxidants, which have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect. It is one of the most effective antibiotics that nature provides us.

Ginger has the ability to heat the body. The body sweat and eliminates the toxins. In addition, ginger enhances the immune system to fight against infections.

Horseradish root has expectorant properties, being recommended as a remedy in angina,  in rheumatic  and respiratory disorders

Apple vinegar is an excellent source of potassium, calcium and pectin. Pectin smooth functioning of the colon, regulates cholesterol and blood pressure. Thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, apple vinegar effectively fight against infections.

How to Make the Most Powerful Homemade Antibiotic

6 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat Daily

 Try to eat more alkaline foods in order to avoid serious diseases, to balance your body and have a healthy life. One of the most important thing that people do not know is that the body need alkaline aliments. When the consumed food is digested it turns into something called “ash”, and this ash is acidic or alkaline, depending on the level of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sulfur that foods have. This process is designed to determine the  blood pH balance.

All natural foods contain both alkaline and acid elements which may be the cause that pH is not always balanced. In cases when the body does not receive enough alkaline elements, it will extract the sources from bones and other vital tissues.

1. Root vegetables- Alkaline foods you should eat daily

In traditional Chinese medicine, the root vegetables have a “yang” role in healing. Root vegetables are richer in minerals than other vegetables. This is the main reason why root vegetables should not miss from your daily nutrition. Eat  daily radish (white, black or red), beets, carrots, turnips, radish and celery. They are easy to be cooked, by steaming or boiling in just 20 minutes. The bulb will give you energy and satiety. In my opinion it is ideal to consume then in juice form.

2. Cruciferous vegetables-Alkaline foods you should eat daily

There are some vegetables which are not only good for the body, but also have a great taste without too many additions. Broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower are vegetables that help you to keep your body healthy.

3. Herbs- Alkaline foods you should eat daily

Herbs include spinach, savoy, kale and chard. Spinach is still the one that provides you the greatest amount of vitamin K as well as a number of minerals, fiber and antioxidants that help you in digestion and sight.

4. Garlic- Alkaline foods you should eat daily

 A truly miraculous food, garlic is on the top of the list of foods that increase metabolism. It is a strong alkaline food, provides immunity, helps lower blood pressure, in detoxification and fights with many diseases.

5. Paprika- Alkaline foods you should eat daily

Paprika has a high content of enzymes that are essential for endocrine functions. Is one of the most alkaline foods. It is known for its antibacterial proprieties and offers a vitamin A supplement that fights against stress and body weakness.

6. Lemons- Alkaline foods you should eat daily

Lemons are the most alkaline foods. They are a natural disinfectant and can treat open wounds. Have great result in the fight against flu virus and helps and detoxify your body.

6 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat Daily

How to Lose 10cm Off Your Waist in 10 Days

The famous physiotherapist original from Russia, Irina Stefanovski, was invited in a TV show and she explained its revolutionary remedy that can help women to burn 1 cm of circumference of waist in one day! The most important thing is that the recipe is simple and does not require the purchase of expensive ingredients.

The miraculous secret of this recipe is horseradish. Therapist says that encourage the weight loss process and that it would not the only benefit of this plant in our body. Most often, it is used as an additional element in the preparation of various types of food, but considering the fact that is rich in vitamins C, B6, B12, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, this plant is not just a spice, it is a true source of health for our body.

How to Lose 10cm Off Your Waist in 10 Days


– 125 g of horseradish

– 3 lemons

– 3 tablespoons of honey


Peel the horseradish and chop it very well in blender. Wash the lemons, chop them in small pieces, put them in blender over the horseradish. Also, put the honey. Mix very well the ingredients. Pour the mixture in a glass recipient and keep it in the fridge.

Consume 1 teaspoon of this mixture, 2 times per day, while you eat. The result will be visible in 10 days. Beside you will look very good, the mixture will improve the brain activity, your memory, sight and hearing.

How to keep the horseradish fresh?

Horseradish can be used all the year, but you have to keep it in the basement or in wet sand. You can also cover the horseradish in aluminium foil can keep them at the fridge.


Miracle Smoothie to Prevent Emerging and Advancing of Cancer

This miracle smoothie is consumed since decades by the Chinese.  The recipe for this miracle smoothie has been prescribed by a famous nutritionist in China for a lung cancer patient, which helped him to heal in just 3 months.

It is a simple and cheap treatment.

Ingredients for miracle smoothie:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 beetroot
  • lemon- optional

Procedure: Wash very well the ingredients. Chop them in small pieces. Add all the ingredients in a blender. Add 1 cup of water. Mix well. At final, squeeze half lemon. The Vitamin C contained by lemon will help in stabilizing the iron in the body.

The benefits of miracle smoothie:

  • prevent emerging and advancing of cancer
  • strengthens the immune system (the increased content of vitamin C present especially lemon);
  • reduce the risk liver and pancreas disease;
  • this miraculous drink treat the ulcers;
  • decreases menstrual pain;
  • strengthens the lungs;
  • prevents the risk of heart attacks;
  • reduces muscle pain;
  • regulates blood pressure;
  • regulates and effectively treat the bowel movements and constipation , being a powerful detoxifier;
  • this drink is good and miraculous  for vision, treating tired, red and dry eyes;
  • cure allergic rhinitis;
  • is very nutritious and easily absorbed;
  • due to detoxifying effect, help in weight loss;
  • eliminates bad breath ( caused by throat infection or indigestion)
  •  treats acne and keep your skin healthy and beautiful;
  • beetroot is a powerful antianemic;
  • is a powerful alkalizing;
  • lemon cleanses and regenerates our blood;
  • treats arteriosclerosis;
  • shred kidney stones;
  • prevents thrombosis;
  • keeps away the diabetes.

Tips: Use the peel of the ingredients if they are provided by a bio/natural source. If the fruits and vegetables were sprayed with pesticides, do not use the peel. Personally, I always peel the beetroot. If you do not like the taste, you can add honey.

Miracle Smoothie to Prevent Emerging and Advancing of Cancer

Plants for Breast Enlargement and Firmness

Every women desire to have a beautiful breast and many of them tried different treatments for breast enlargement and firmness.

You can obtain a breast enlargement without chemical treatments or surgery, by using the gifts from nature. These herbal treatments are easy to use and certainly lead to safe and lasting results.

1. Wheat germ oil for breast enlargement

A handy method for breast enlargement, with no pain is wheat germ oil.  This oil has a similar action like estrogens (female hormones). You will see great results if you apply this oil on your breast and  gently massage for 10 minutes. The results will coming if you use this oil minimum 3 weeks.

2. Dill oil and tincture for breast enlargement

Dill oil is a great method to tone your breasts. Like the wheat germ oil, you have yo apply the dill oil every day, for minimum 3 weeks. In order to obtain faster a firm breast, you can take a teaspoon of dill tincture every day/3 times per day, before you eat. You have to patient in order to see the results and take the tincture for 2 months. After 3 weeks, you have to take one week pause. After that, start again the treatment.

3. Spirulina, yeast and rosehip for breast enlargement

Even plants, including those for breast enlargement, need “fuel” in order to function optimally. Your body will not get the ideal nutrition that it needs only from the pills and vitamins prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories. The consumption of fresh fruit, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass, yeast and rosehip is very recommended.

4. Mix for hormonal stimulation for breast enlargement

Licorice root, fennel seed and anise are known that stimulate the hormonal breast enlargement. You can make a mix from these plants. Take equal amounts of these ingredients and grate them using a grinder. Take a teaspoon of this mixture every morning. Keep the mixture under your tongue for 5 minutes and then swallow it with water. Be careful! You need to have a healthy life style because these treatments can cause hormonal disorders.

Plants for Breast Enlargement and Firmness

5 Healing Plants That Clean the Lungs

Today I will suggest you some healing plants that help you to clean the lungs and to prevent respiratory infections. Colds and flu can occur in every season and is very important to take care of our lungs and prevent respiratory infections.

When you take pills, your liver is affected.  These healing plants are a natural remedy and do not affect your liver.

5 Healing Plants that clean the lungs

1. Licorice root 

One of the healing plants is licorice root that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Is is considered a great remedy against respiratory tract infections because cleans the nose, throat and lungs. It is also an effective natural expectorant.

2. Thyme

Thyme is very strong in the fight against lung congestion. Thyme produces strong antiseptic oils that are classified as natural antibiotics and antifungals. Thyme has been used as a remedy for lung problems since antiquity. Today is still used in order to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections and pneumonia bacterial infections.

3. Oregano

Oregano is one of the most effective healing plants. Carvacrol and rosemary compounds that oregano contains help to  natural decongest. Also, has antihistamine properties which reduce inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract. Oregano is a natural antibiotic.

4. Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot leaves have emollient and expectorant, choleretic, cholagogue, antispasmodic, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties. Preparations made with coltsfoot leaves, are recommended, especially in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, emphysema, silicosis and  even tuberculosis in the initial stage.

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in candy/pills syrups against cough. Its effectiveness is due to a compound called cineole. Cineol has many benefits – it is an expectorant, can ease coughing,  fight against congestion and alleviate irritated sinus passages.

5 Healing Plants That Clean the Lungs

Natural Juice to Clean the Blood and Lymph

Today I will provide you a natural juice to clean blood and lymph. The absorbed toxins at digestive tract level, they enter in your blood stream and lymph, therefore having an effect on your entire body.

The periodic blood and lymph detoxification is very important and can be done efficiently and easily with this natural juice.

Natural juice to clean blood and lymph


  • 1 beetroot
  • 1 fennel root
  • 1 bouquet of parsley
  • 1 bouquet of coriander
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 slices of fresh ginger
  • 1 pear

Procedure: Squeeze all the ingredients using an electronic juicer or a cold press juicer. Drink the natural juice immediately or you can keep it at the fridge max. 3 hours.

The toxins can accumulate in the skin, joints, liver or spleen, causing skin diseases such as urticaria, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hepatosplenic disease, gout etc. Blood transport the waste substances produced during metabolism to kidney. From there, they are eliminated via urine. Lymphatic system is a complex network, consisting of lymph glands, lymphatic vessels and capillaries.  This system function as a filter that removes dead cells, microbes, various toxins and in the same time produce macrophages and lymphocytes, the body’s defense cells. The excess of waste substances in our body affect normal functioning of the lymphatic system and lead in time to weakening immunity, weight gain and onset of serious conditions such as lymphedema etc.

Natural Juice to Clean the Blood and Lymph

Get Rid of Cuperosis With a Homemade Mask

Cuperosis is also know as the cheeks redness and it’s an inflammatory disease of the skin. The causes of this disease are heredity, excessive dilation of skin vessels, endocrine disorders (often occurs after menopause), various gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, irritable bowel, transit disorders, vitamin deficiency and certain infections.

Cuperosis is favored by the cold season, temperature drop, exposure to sun etc. Also,  is triggers when you drink alcohol, hot drinks and when you eat spicy food. The people with lighter skin are more exposed to this affection. This article is recommended both for women and men affected by cuperosis. I use this mask once a week, because I suffer of cuperosis too. Here is a natural recipe that will help you to get rid of cuperosis.

Natural mask against cuperosis


  • 5 lettuce leaves
  • 8 basil leaves
  • 1/2 of a cucumber
  • 1/2 cup of Chamomile tea
  • flour

Preparation- Cut the cucumber in small pieces. Chop the lettuce and basil leaves using your hands. If you use the knife, the leaves will oxidize. Using a mixer robot, mix the cucumber pieces with the salad and basil leaves and chamomile tea. Then, stir the composition in order to eliminate the liquid. Put the composition in a recipient and add the flour, until you obtain a paste. Apply the obtained mask on your clean face. Avoid the eyes and the lips. Leave it to action 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water. You can use this mask 1-2 times per week.

Proprieties- Salad and basil relieve and soothe irritated skin. Cucumber reduce the redness and moisturize the skin. Chamomile tea have calming effects and also is a great skin tone. The flour have the role to make the composition thicker.

Tips-  You can keep the liquid and use it as a toner. It is natural and will make your skin to look beautiful.

Get Rid of Cuperosis With a Homemade Mask

See What Happens When You Drink Water On an Empty Stomach

The current health tendency is to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, once you wake up. The medical value of this health tendency care has been scientifically confirmed to be extremely beneficial to our body.

Drinking water on an empty stomach is closely related to the prevention and cure of health conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, constipation, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney disease, vomiting, uterine disease , and also gastritis and cancer. In this article you will find out what happens when you drink water on an empty stomach, what quantities you should drink and why is this a good thing.


– After you wake-up, before you do anything else, drink 4 glasses of water, 200 ml each. If for any reason you can drink so much water, start this cure by drinking 1 glass and gradually raise the quantity of water until you get used to drink more and more water.

– After you finished to drink the water, you can go and wash your teeth

– Wait 45 minutes until you eat breakfast

– After eating breakfast, don’t drink or eat for 2 hour

– After these 2 hours, you can drink and eat anything you want during all day

There are several diseases you can cure with this natural and simple treatment. Research has showed that, to treat various health conditions, it is necessary to follow this treatment a certain number of days thus:

  • Cancer 180 days
  • Diabetes 30 days
  • Epilepsy 60 days
  • Constipation 10 days
  • Gastritis 10 days
  • Hypertension 30 days
  • Tuberculosis 90 days
  • Migraine 2 days
  • Cleaning kidneys 30 days
  • Obesity – this treatment will help you to get rid of obesity if you will follow it as long as possible. If you are an obese person, you should be make this treatment a daily habit

The most interesting thing is that this treatment doesn’t have adverse effects. The only inconvenient is often urinating.

See What Happens When You Drink Water On an Empty Stomach

How To Get Rid of Black Armpits Using Natural Remedies

Black armpits is one of the beauty’s nightmares. Because of black armpits problem, many women are embarrassed and avoid going out in public with dresses, or tops without sleeves and braces.

It’s time to find out how to get rid of black armpits using natural remedies. Before you treat a problem, you should know how to avoid it and what are the causes.

Black armpits causes: you wear very tight clothes, high temperatures – when it’s hot outside, you sweat a lot and the skin is rubbing, hormonal imbalances, fungal and bacterial infections and diabetes, local hairiness – even you are waxed, if you have dark hair and thick roots, you will have a black armpits effect.

1. Lemon juice against black armpits

Lemon juice is the most effective natural remedy that fade the skin. Also, contribute in eliminating the unpleasant odor and inhibit sweating. Rub your armpits with lemon juice every night, after you take a shower.

2. Baking soda against black armpits

Baking soda has a depigmenting effect on the skin very rapidly and effectively. For better results, you can mix baking soda with lemon juice until you obtain a paste. Apply it on your armpits skin every night, before you go to bed. You will notice that you will get rid of the black color and of the unpleasant odor.

3. Waxing against black armpits

Using a blade for removing unwanted hair from armpits help strengthen the roots. That contributes to black armpits effect. In order to diminish this unaesthetic effect, I suggest you to use wax or an electric depilatory.

4. Scrubs against black armpits

The dead cells from the skin can be guilty for the black armpits problems. So, remove the dead cells using homemade scrubs.

5. Mask with turmeric, yogurt and lemon against black armpits

Mix one spoon of turmeric powder with 200 ml of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of honey, until you obtain a paste. Apply it on your armpits and leave it to action 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure every day and in 2 weeks you will get rid of this problem.

How to get rid of black armpits using natural remedies

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