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What Happens to Your Body Few Hours After You Apply Nail Polish

Many women associate a neat manicure with the use of nail polish and appeal to nail coloration at least once a week. Whether permanent or semi-permanent manicure, this involves the use of nail polish. But here is what happens in your body 10 hours after you apply the nail polish. 

In a study made on 24 women who are using nail polish very often, the researchers found that each of them had in their bodies a substance called triphylphosphate, a substance found in this cosmetic product. Also, just 10 hours after nail polish was applied on the nails, these women began to experience classic symptoms of exposure to chemicals.

Almost all the companies of nail polish use this substance, as well as other equally dangerous subtypes, such as:

Toluene: This is a solvent that gives your nails the fine appearance and preserves the pigment. Toluene can affect the central nervous and reproductive system. Among the possible consequences of using a low-quality nail polish include headaches, weakness, dizziness, and nausea.

Another substance that affects the body is formaldehyde. This is a colorless gas that increases the life of the oil. If you have allergies, contact with formaldehyde can cause dermatitis or chemical burns. In more severe cases, it can cause heart rhythm problems, seizures and cancer.

The third substance you have to avoid is dibutyl phthalate. This ingredient is used as a perfume. The presence of this hazardous component can cause endocrine, gynecological and respiratory tract problems.

Specialists recommend the use of environmentally friendly nail polishes that doesn’t contain these dangerous substances. Especially if you use a nail polish on a few days, it’s advisable to avoid the cheap ones. To keep your nails clean and without stains, it’s recommended to use a base before applying a colored nail polish. 

Dangerous Ingredients Found In Cosmetic Products

Many people can’t imagine life without cosmetics. Whether it’s about creams, make-up products and cleansing solutions, all of these cosmetics contain a lot of substances, more or less dangerous. 

According to a study, women use up to 12 personal care products daily, while men use 6. The total ingredients from these products is around 125 chemicals that can affect the body. Being the largest organ from the body, the skin absorbs more than 60% of these substances.

Here are the substances from your cosmetic products:

Parabens:Parabens are widely used as preservatives in many cosmetics or personal hygiene. In laboratory tests on animals and tissues, it has been observed that they can cause endocrine disturbances, but it’s unclear if they have the same effect on human beings. In any case, only two compounds from the parabens category (methylparaben and ethylparaben) are permitted in the EU. Parabens can be found in makeup, body wash, deodorants, shampoos and face cleansers, as well as in food and pharmaceuticals.

Phthalates: These compounds are widely used in cosmetics – soaps, shower gels, fixative, even nail polish. In the animal tests was proven that the reproductive system and endocrine system is affected. This was enough to cause the banning of 5 compounds from their category in Australia and in another six countries from Europe. These effects haven’t been proven on poeple, the effect of prolonged exposure to small amounts is unknown.

Formaldehyde, another substance blamed by doctors: this is a preservative that has an irritating potential for the eyes, skin, nose and respiratory system when exposure to large quantities occurs. They are found in small quantities in cosmetics, especially in chemical hair straighteners and nail varnishes or adhesives, and are mainly used in the wood industry. 

The Reason You Should Never Throw Out Leftover Pickle Juice

Many people love pickled cucumbers. Some people prefer to throw the juice that remains in the jar without thinking about how many benefits this can have. Here’s how you can use pickle juice right today.

Cucumber juice usually contains water, salt, sugar, vinegar, garlic andpepper. Sometimes, it also contains seeds of celery, dill, cloves or turmeric.

Those who suffer from stomach burns can consume a little bit of the pickled cucumbers juice without fear. Also, if you consumed something spicy or acidic, this juice helps you to treat stomach burns. The vinegar will make the stomach to produce more natural antacid and will balance the acidity of the body.

Also, sunburns can be treated with pickled cucumbers juice. If aloe vera cool the area, the  juice from the pickled cucumbers helps to relieve pain as well as eliminate itching.

Another great benefit of pickle juice is that relaxes the muscles due to the electrolytes it contains. It has sodium and potassium, which helps in cramps. Put some teaspoons in the water and the cramps disappear.

Pain in the throat can also be calmed by the picked cucumber juice, especially if it’s made without vinegar. This herb removes germs and balances PH levels.

Pickle juice can be successfully used in cleaning. You can clean the pans and copper objects in the house. You don’t need special products, a sponge and some pickle juice will clean the pans, trays and other copper objects in the house. They will shine again as on the first day because of salt and acid that the juice contain. 

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Bites In A Few Seconds

Mosquitoes bites are very itchy. In the warm season and especially after it rained, green spaces are full of mosquitoes. Lately, the world is afraid of mosquitoes that carrying the West Nile virus. In other places in the world, the Zika virus is also transmitted by mosquitoes, and their effects are devastating.Here’s how you can avoid mosquito-borne diseases with remedies that you can prepare right at your home. 

In case of mosquitoes bites, you can use quick treatments to reduce the effects.
Hamamelis oil helps to treat the area as well as prevent swelling. Being a natural astringent, it can be applied directly to the skin. Mixed with baking soda, the paste can be applied directly on the bite.
White tea and chamomile tea bags – is a natural remedy not only for bee stings, but also for mosquitoes bites. Apply a tea bag directly on the bitten area.

Citrus oils are very good and are also used in sprays and creams against mosquitoes.
So you can mix lemon essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint oil, ylang ylang and lemongrass essential oil. They don’t need to be all mixed, but they are all oils that keep mosquitoes away.

Also, such an oil can be mixed with coconut or olive oil, and before you leave your home, you can apply it to the areas that are not covered by clothes and the mosquitoes will not come close to you. In the evening, especially, it’s recommended to wear clothes that cover the body as much as possible and avoid places where is water. 

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using Garlic

Cellulite is one of the nightmares that many women face with. It can cause serious health problems (on the skin), so it’s not just a matter of aesthetics.There are many natural remedies against cellulite, and one of them is regular garlic.

Garlic has been known since ancient times as a natural antibiotic, ideal to fight against various infections. It’s used to treat healing wounds or to fight against flu and cold symptoms. Garlic also has uses in the cosmetic area. Garlic fights against bacteria that cause cellulite, according to a study by Indian and British researchers several years ago.

All you have to do is to crush 3 garlic cloves and consume them. Consume two to three tablespoons of raw garlic after eating for about 13 days. You can get rid of garlic taste by drinking some milk right after eating it. You can apply the garlic paste directly to the problematic area for a few minutes, but we don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin that easily irritates!

Anti-cellulite massage compensates the garlic treatment
1. Anti-cellulite stimulation massage: this type of massage has the role of stimulating areas affected by cellulite with light pressures with the back of the hand. After this first phase, take a rough glove and press again without rubbing. Anticellulite cream is only applied when the area gets a pink color through circular movements, from the bottom to the top.

2. Anti-cellulite massage performed on wet skin: very time you go out of the shower you should massage area with cellulite, because the skin is more receptive to the substances from the cellulite cream, and massaging is much easier.

3. Light anti-cellulite massage. First, apply the specific cream on the problematic area, after which grab skin between the navel of the fingers and the thumb and pull slightly outwards. 

How To Repair Cracked Heels In 10 Minutes

Nobody likes to see someone with cracked heels, because they look groomed. The way your legs look can be the way people around you are making an impression about yourself. Because it’s said that the hands are a person’s business card, well, the same can be said about the legs. 

Especially in summer, everyone wishes to have an impeccable pedicure and good looking legs. Beyond an impeccable hygiene, it takes a lot more to have beautiful and healthy legs that look good in any pair of slippers or sandals.

Many people spend a lot of money on pedicure. But you don’t have to do this anymore, because you can get rid of cracked heels with only two ingredients you already have at home. Here’s how you can prepare a highly effective treatment that will help you get smooth and soft hells:

You need:

  • 2-4 cups of milk
  • 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda

Heat the milk in a pot and then place it in a bowl. Add the baking soda and mix well. To get it done, you have to make sure the hells are sinking into this solution. Keep your feet for 10 minutes in the bowl. During this time, it’s possible to rub the area well with a special brush. People with very cracked heels can repeat this treatment every day or every two days. After 10 minutes, rinse your feet well with warm water and dry well with a towel. Finally, your legs will remain soft. It’s recommended to use a moisturizing cream for feet or coconut oil. Apply a generous amount, put some socks on your feet and let it work overnight.

People who are struggling with cracked heels will need more treatments, but in a few days they should see very good results. Baking soda also helps to eliminate the unpleasant odor of the legs and to neutralize nail fungi. 

Grandma’s Tricks That Make Your Nails Grow Super Fast

Due to some health problems or unhealthy lifestyle, some people have nail growth problems. This creates frustration especially among women who always want to have an impeccable manicure.

A solution to have some long and beautiful nails is the application of false nails or gel construction, but many people get their nails extremely fragile when they give up to  this cosmetic process. Some people also feel increased nail sensitivity and stop applying gel to the salon. So, it’s not a healthy and recommended procedure.

If you want to have some healthy and natural nails here are some remedies that you can try at home, even today:

First of all, not only nails have to be cared for, but also cuticles. With the help of special bamboo sticks made for cuticles, they can be pushed gently after a pre-hydration. Hydrate them using natural oils that you have in your home.

Coconut oil is extremely good and nourishing for cuticles and makes your nails grow faster. Brush your nails and cuticles with oil before going to bed for 15 to 20 seconds. This improves blood circulation and also helps accelerating nail growth.

Also, excessive cuticles increase slows nails growing, so you must always be careful to be gently push them.

Give your nails a shape
It’s very important for the nails to have a well-defined shape, and this can be done at home. This helps the pressure on nail nerves to be balanced and leads to faster growth of their nails.

Because some products we use slow the growth of nails and become more fragile, it’s advisable to avoid acetone and instead use oil-based napkins that remove the nail polish.

Get Rid Of Chapped Lips in 3 Minutes

Chapped lips problem it’s a common one, but fortunately with easy and fast remedies. If you don’t treat this problem, you risk to get some wound on your lips. Today I will present you and effective and natural method to get rid of chapped lips in 3 minutes.

In order to get rid of chapped lips, you have to apply some honey on them and leave it to act for 3 minutes. After you will wipe your lips, you will notice that are nourished and soft. Honey help them to regenerate and act as an emollient.

You can use other remedies to get rid of cracked lips:

– Sugar: To remove the dead cells, you can make a scrub with sugar, which will help the skin from the lips to regenerate.

– Rose petals: soak the rose petals in milk and apply them on your lips for 10 minutes. You will have soft lips like …rose petals.

– Marigolds ointment : buy from a natural store a marigold ointment, which will repair the cracked lips and will deeply nourish them.

Here’s what you can do to prevent lips cracking:

Use lip balm: if you don’t get used to it, find out that you refuse your lips an excellent emollient treatment. Get used to using it several times a day (between six and eight applications a day) and you will notice the difference.

Protect your lips from cold: as you cover your hands and feet, also your lips need protection against the wind. Use a scarf when it’s cold outside, in order to cover them.


Warning Signs Your Body Gives You 1 Month Before Heart Attack

Heart attack may occur unexpectedly, but often the first few signs appear a few days or even a few weeks before. Unfortunately, there are quite subtle symptoms that many people ignore.

Heart attack occurs when cholesterol deposits are formed on the walls of a coronary artery. Under these conditions, the heart doesn’t receive the necessary amount of blood and the heart attack occurs. The patient feels pain and strong pressure in the chest, and if it’s not intervened immediately, death may occur.

Some signs appear days or weeks before the heart attack occurs. Everyone needs to know how to recognize them and ask their doctor to help prevent heart attack. So, here’s what symptoms can appear long before this happen:

Excessive fatigue
When a coronary artery narrows, the heart works more than usual to get the amount of blood needed, and you feel extremely tired. If you notice that you don’t feel rested after  a few days of rest, go to the doctor.

Breathing difficulties
Another sign that you should urgently send to your doctor is difficulty breathing. When the heart receives less blood, it means that the lungs also receive less oxygen and no longer function normally. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are dependent on each other, so don’t ignore this symptom.

The Most Dangerous Food Consumed By Millions Of People and Kids

Margarine is made from vegetable oils, that’s true and probably this is the reason why you chose it as a substitute for butter. But is it really an effective and healthy replacement for the body or just gives that impression? Do you really know what you eat and what goes into your body?

Margarine, besides many other foods, was named “plastic on bread”. True, it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Margarine also contains free radicals, which affect the body and makes it poisonous, making digestion very difficult.

Margarine also contains synthetic vitamins, unlike butter, which has antioxidants and vitamin A. And synthetic vitamins can not compare to natural vitamins, that’s clear.

Butter has a natural color, while the color of margarine is chemically obtained by multiple treatments and by the addition of preservatives. As you’ve probably noticed, butter has a lower shelf life, while margarine can stay in shelves for up to two years. What this means? That margarine contains colorants and emulsifying agents that make it last longer

Before some studies were conducted, margarine wasn’t considered to be toxic to the body. In the margarine was added chemicals that our body digest very hard, being genetically modified: corn, palm, soy, cotton, peanut oils.

Meanwhile, margarine producers have removed the trans acids from the composition, margarine is not obtained by hydrogenation but by inter-esterification, the fatty acids being reorganized. Margarine affects the heart, nutritionists remain alarmed about this food.

Artificial acids such as margarine are more harmful than natural ones. Margarine is a synthetic food unlike butter, which, although it’s hypercaloric and is much better tolerated by the body.

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