The One Thing No One Realizes About Happiness

Would you like to come across a formula for success? How about happiness? Do they both go hand in hand in your opinion? Thing is, happiness is something we all strive for and often associate it with a certain degree of success, but most of the time we are happy simply when we achieve what we had in mind.

This gives us a small idea about the meaning of happiness. Most people don’t understand that happiness is not about what you have (or own), it is about where you feel you’re headed, about your dreams and hopes for the future. It is about your future progress.

Thus, put simply, happiness is progress, feeling like you are moving further and reaching your potential.

When you think about it this way, it is a lot easier to envision happiness, as you only need to set yourself up for success and invest time in improving yourself. You need to find the environment that would promote advancement.

Keep in mind, happiness can be found not only in your work, you can feel fulfilment coming from other creative hobbies besides work as well.

You should always be thinking: What is next? What’s there more to be discovered?

What will keep you excited and can you visualize your success?

Look for opportunities that will make you advance in your knowledge.

All these matter in the present as there is joy in anticipation too.

Studies have concluded the fact that people thinking about and planning a vacation are actually happier than actually taking it.

This has come to strengthen the fact that money does not buy happiness but a little strategizing and planning just might be.

Turn towards day dreaming and planning your future achievements as these are part of what will make you happy on a daily basis.