This Is Why You Should Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand!

You’ve probably been doing this for a long time: you always leave a glass of water uncovered, overnight on your nightstand. Did you ever woke up during the night and drank that water? Did you noticed that the water had a weird taste? Find out why you should never drink the water from your nightstand!

That strange taste is due to the increase acidity in the water. The water phi tends to drop during the night if the glass is not covered. Water absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes slightly acidic. The phenomenon is not dangerous and does not affect your health.

What you should worry about is that water doesn’t necessarily have to be contaminated from the outside to lead to illness. Water supports life and can lead to algae or bacteria growth if it is not hermetically sealed in a vessel.

The water does not contain sugars or proteins that can be consumed by bacteria, so practically the water cannot deteriorate, but if you keep it outside the house, uncovered, can lead to the development of algae or may contain mosquito larvae.

Instead, water can also be contaminated inside your home. If you leave the glass uncovered at night, dust can contaminate the water.

The sailors used to take whole barrels of fresh water when they crossed long distances. Unfortunately, the water deteriorated in a few days, had a bad smell and developed algae. Sailors knew this, and usually had other drink (beer or rum). The alcohol contained by these drinks did not allow bacteria to appear.

In the present, water can be safely stored in plastic containers. Unfortunately, water bottles shouldn’t be kept in the sun and near the places where are used pesticides (plastic is permeable). In addition, certain types of plastic, in the presence of heat, remove into the water a compound called bisphenol A, a carcinogenic compound.