Myths about your child intelligence

Can you help to increase the intelligence of your child or will he remain for the rest of his life at the level he inherited from the moment he appeared in the world? Here are a few myths regarding the intelligence of the child.

1. It is inherited and the “bad” genes cannot be changed

False. In reality, the intelligence of the child depends not only on genes, but also on the environment in which it grows and evolves. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the studies on the intelligence of monozygotic twins, separated and raised in different families and cultural backgrounds. Even if their genotype was identical, the level of intelligence proved to be different.

2. It is essential the quickening the development of the child’s intellect from his early childhood, afterwards, everything will flow naturally.

False. Some American psychologists selected a few children whose mothers had very low intelligence and took care of their development and preparation for school. After several years, their level of intelligence has been shown to increase considerably. When they started school, they were noted for being even smarter than many of their colleagues. After special education ended, the children returning to an environment with underdeveloped adults and attending regular schools, their intellectual level gradually decreased.

3. The child develops only by communicating with adults

True, especially when considering a small child. Adults teach him how to speak, think, communicate and correct him when he is wrong. It has been shown that the development of the intellect of children left for a long time only in the company of other children of near age is much delayed in comparison with that the children that stay around adults. As the child is closer to school age, it becomes important to communicate with other children, not just adults.

4. To have a smart child, you need to help him develop his logical thinking

False. Psychologists have monitored long-term the evolution of intelligence of a group of individuals between the ages of 6 and 24 and noted that the level of logical thinking was much higher in the case of adolescents and young people. At 6 years old imaginations is more pregnant.

So, don’t rush as a parent to torment your child with logic exercises. It is important to help him develop his imagination, to challenge him to draw, to draw, to write, to play. Play is a very important stage in the development of any child.

Child intelligence