Mistakes You’re Probably Making In The Shower

It may come as a surprise, but there are a few things that should be avoided during a shower. Even if taking a shower is something that comes as a no brainer and is a relatively easy thing to do on a daily basis, there are things that put your health at risk and do you absolutely no good. Watch out for them and see how your skin and overall feeling will improve.

  1. Avoid hot showers. You should avoid hot showers at all costs, no matter the season. Hot water strips your skin of grease, even the good grease gets affected, the kind of grease that could otherwise protect your skin. This can lead to skin rashes and Warm and even lukewarm showers are a lot better for your body.
  2. Don’t prolong your shower unecessary. Like hot water, taking a normal temperature shower, but for longer period of time will also affect your skin. The best lenght of a shower is around ten minutes. Don’t forget about the clock the next time you hop in for a shower.
  3. Don’t use foam. Shower gels that create a lot of foam are also bad for your skin. The ingredients contained in foam can dry up the skin too much. Still, if you used foam, don’t forget to apply a hydrating cream afterwards to give your skin a sense of protection.
  4. Get rid of all old sponges. Pay special attention to the bath sponges you use. They are the perfect environment for all kind of bacteria and even mold.

Leaving them full of water in the dark bathroom, will only aid the apparition of new bacteria and the growth and development of the existing one. It is highly recommended that you get a new bath sponge every other four weeks.