Mistakes You Make When You Use Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is an instrument that we use very often. But do we use it correctly? In order to help you to get a good result when you dry your hair, I’ve selected the most common mistakes that can make it harder to dry or even damage your hair. Here are some common mistakes you should learn to avoid when it comes to “hair care” chapter!

1. Your hair is too wet

We know it’s hard to believe, but your hair should be 80% dry before using the round brush and begin to dry it with the hair dryer. If you try to arrange it, do it when it’s not dry, because it will take you a longer time and it will affect your hair. To reduce heat exposure as much as possible, start drying your hair with a towel.

2. You don’t use thermal protection products

No matter what type of hair you have – straight or curly – you should always use a thermal protection product before exposing your hair to the heat of the dryer.

3. You don’tĀ use the right products for your hair type

Depending on your hair type, the use of too many styling products can load your hair. For fine hair, just to blow your hair, doesn’t create a lot of volume. To maximize the effect and last a longerĀ time, use a volume spray.

4. The hair dryer is too old

An old hair dryer or a bad quality hair dryer can damage your hair. The hair dryer can be used on average for 600-800 hours. A good quality hairdryer will always make the difference between an impeccable hairsryle and a less successful hairstyle

5. You are using the wrong temperature

Most hair dryers have three temperature steps: high, low and cold. If you do not have your hair very harsh and rich, you should always use the lowest temperature. Use the cold air at the end, for the last retouching.