Menstruation Myths That Every Woman Should Know

Menstruation is something normal that we, women, face with it every month. Although there are some very unpleasant days, when we don’t feel so well and most of the times hurts, we already are used to this period of the month. Since I was a little, I’ve heard lots of false stories about what I am allowed or not to do in this period. In this article I will present you some myths about menstruation!

1. Myth: The menstrual cycle comes 28 days

If you grew up with the fear that your period comes at every 28 days, you need to calm down! Any cycle that comes between 21-35 days is perfectly normal!

2. Myth: Bleeding is unhealthy

There is nothing wrong with menstruation. It is composed of a mixture of blood, tissue and uterine secretions. It looks different because it contains more water and less iron.

3. Myth: Premenstrual syndrome is only in our minds

This syndrome is not just in our head and affects over 50% of women. There may be a week or two before menstruation and can consist of abdominal pain, feeling emotion, agitation or anxiety.

4. Myth: You can not get pregnant during menstruation

Indeed, the chances are small but still exists. Did you know that sperm can live for five days in our body? This means that if you have unprotected contact with the partner during menstruation, it is possible that the sperm to stay there during ovulation.

5. Myth: You can not have sexual contact with your partner during menstruation

There is nothing wrong in fact with women who really want this during menstruation. Nothing in this disgusting, but be careful and protect yourself!

6. Myth: Do not do sport!

Wrong, even light exercise helps enormously!