How to Lose 10cm Off Your Waist in 10 Days

The famous physiotherapist original from Russia, Irina Stefanovski, was invited in a TV show and she explained its revolutionary remedy that can help women to burn 1 cm of circumference of waist in one day! The most important thing is that the recipe is simple and does not require the purchase of expensive ingredients.

The miraculous secret of this recipe is horseradish. Therapist says that encourage the weight loss process and that it would not the only benefit of this plant in our body. Most often, it is used as an additional element in the preparation of various types of food, but considering the fact that is rich in vitamins C, B6, B12, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, this plant is not just a spice, it is a true source of health for our body.

How to Lose 10cm Off Your Waist in 10 Days


– 125 g of horseradish

– 3 lemons

– 3 tablespoons of honey


Peel the horseradish and chop it very well in blender. Wash the lemons, chop them in small pieces, put them in blender over the horseradish. Also, put the honey. Mix very well the ingredients. Pour the mixture in a glass recipient and keep it in the fridge.

Consume 1 teaspoon of this mixture, 2 times per day, while you eat. The result will be visible in 10 days. Beside you will look very good, the mixture will improve the brain activity, your memory, sight and hearing.

How to keep the horseradish fresh?

Horseradish can be used all the year, but you have to keep it in the basement or in wet sand. You can also cover the horseradish in aluminium foil can keep them at the fridge.