This Japanese Method Will Help You Quickly Get Rid of Belly Fat

Japanese actor Ryosuke Miki found an interesting method that, after only two weeks, he lost 13kg and his waist was thinned with 12cm. The purpose of the exercise was not to lose weight but removing an annoying back pain, and the one who prescribed him this method was his doctor. In addition, you only need two minutes of your time each day.

 How it works

Ryosuke tells that the diet is based on expiration. The technique must be performed in a certain position and involves inhaling for three seconds, then strongly exhale for seven seconds.

More and more doctors support to use breathing exercises to combat obesity and explains why these exercises are so good: fat is made of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the inspired oxygen arrives in fat cells, they are divided into carbon and water. In addition, the more oxygen the body uses, the more fat burns.

What should you do:

Perform daily this exercise between 2-10 minutes:

– Stand up and put one foot in front and one foot in back.

– Tense your butt and transfer the weight of the leg support.

–  Easily breathe for three seconds while you raise your arms.

– Vigorously exhale for seven seconds, tensing every muscle in your body while you let your hands down.

Experts say that this technique strengthens the muscles of the body and increases metabolic rate.