Japanese banana diet – lose up to 5 kg in 7 days

Eat a banana every morning and you can lose up to 5 kilos in just one week. This Japanese diet doesn’t require any special effort and no special change in your daily routine.

It is not difficult at all, because every morning you have to eat only bananas and drink water at room temperature. You can eat anything else throughout the day.

Bananas contain resistant starch that effectively accelerates the process of weight loss. Obviously, not all the starch is the same; it is divided into digestible starch and resistant starch.

The diet was created by pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe of Osaka for her husband, Hitoshi Watanabe.

The banana diet means that every day, at breakfast, you should eat 1-2 medium-sized bananas and 1 glass of water at room temperature. Banana and water is a successful combination because it improves digestion and hydrates the body.

At lunch and dinner, there is no restriction. You can eat as usual, but you should follow the following principle: eat until you feel only 80% satisfied and then stop. To make weight loss more efficient, you need to choose low-calorie foods at both meals.

At 15.00, you can eat a sweet snack, but in this case, it is important to make healthy choices.

After 20.00, you shouldn’t eat anything else.

Juices, alcoholic drinks or milk are not allowed in this diet. The only accepted drink is water at room temperature. If hunger persists, you can consume a banana.

Also, those who have designed the diet claim that you should go to bed before midnight. Sleep has a very important role in the weight loss process.

Banana diet sounds delicious and not so not very hard to follow it.

Japanese banana diet