Incredible Trick To Wash Your Hair Using Mouthwash

There are hundreds of hair products on the market. Products that promise changing the way your hair looks and feels completely. Products that boast on their results, ingredients or powers. It comes as no wonder you are often left speechless in front of shelves that are over-crowded with wonderful products.

Still, there is no bigger disappointment when looking for a specific product for to help solve a specific issue, and discovering none is truly effective. There are so many issues that have become immune to modern products that it’s almost impossible to get rid of them, so most of us just accept them.

Dandruff is a total headache, it’s a headache that we have come to live with, and are embracing its presence with regret, but still accepting it most days. Affecting the appearance of your hair and making you feel uncomfortable only hours after washing your hair, dandruff seems to be pretty hard to get rid of.

If you are trying to conquer dandruff, we present an amazing tip and trick: try using mouthwash next time you wash your hair.

Mouthwash is amazing not only for the hygiene of your mouth, its cleaning and anti-fungal properties can do wonders for your scalp as well.

Dandruff is by definition a fungal infection that can be fought with anti-fungal products.

Here is how to enjoy the mouthwash solution’s powers: wash your hair as you usually do, with your trusted shampoo, wash it out and pour a small amount of mouthwash at the roots of your hair, massaging thoroughly.

Rinse with water, and then use your conditioner, as you usually do. It is worth noting that using a hydrating conditioner is recommended, because mouthwash can be a bit too harsh on the skin of your scalp, and it may need extra care.

Including mouthwash in your hair routine will significantly change the way your hair looks and feels.