Why It’s Important To Urinate After Sex

One of the most common advice that women get from their gynecologist is to urinate after having sex. If your gynecologist did not explain why you have to urinate after having sex, I will tell you what the explanation is.

During sexual intercourse, even among the most pure and clean women, the bacteria in the anal area get into the urethra. Due to the fact that women have ureters shorter than men, bacteria can quickly reach the urinary bladder where they can lead to urinary infections. These urinary infections are very painful and require antibiotic treatment. Urination after a sexual act can prevent these urinary infections. Urine eliminates bacteria that make their way through the urethra in the bladder.

A second reason why you should go to the bathroom after having sexual intercourse is that stimulation and excitement can lead to faster filling of the bladder. Stimulation of the G-point leads to urethral pressure. All tissues in the pelvic area are vascularized and can put pressure on the bladder. To get rid of this pressure, you have to go to the toilet.