Here Is How To Identify Fake Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are no longer a secret to anyone, praised in countless articles and in the media, coconut oil is the miracle product of the century. With such a resume it comes as no wonder the demand for the product has skyrocketed at an incredible speed. This made it possible for different brands to sell cheaper versions of the coconut oil claiming it to be the real deal. The danger with these fake products is the fact they are extremely low in healthy nutrients and sometimes are even dangerous for the health!

Unfortunately, coconut oil is rather easy to fake but there are a few tricks to spotting the real oil among the fake versions.

  1. Buy virgin or extra virgin oil because these are harder to fake, while natural simple coconut oil can be chemically obtained.
  2. Check the package and see if there is any dirt and the product has a clear consistency. This is very important because dirt will spoil it in a very short time-span.
  3. Coconut oil should smell and taste like coconut, this is the whole idea of the product. If the product you are buying has no smell or taste resemblance to the real deal, you should avoid it because that is a sign it has been chemically treated and bleached, which may cause some very disturbing changes in the product’s structure and later on in your body.
  4. The price of an original product is always big because there are certain costs that ensure the fact that the product has been prepared and packed carefully to ensure it is not damaged.
  5. Check the package as well, original coconut oil should be packed in a glass bottle because plastic damages the taste and the perfume of the oil. Plastic packages are a clear sign of a low quality product.

Be careful with the products you buy and always check labels for more information!