How to relieve back pain during pregnancy

If your back hurts during pregnancy, the suggestions below might be helpful. But beware: if the back pain during pregnancy is intense and doesn’t disappear, go to the doctor! It can signal a very serious problem.

The doctor will determine the exact cause, as a back pain can sometimes indicate a urinary tract infection or threat of abortion.

Prevention, the key to treatment
The measures are simple, effective and refer to a healthy and balanced way of life. This includes: dieting properly (not to gain too many kilos), exercise (both before and during pregnancy), proper body position and back protection.

What you can do if your back hurts during pregnancy
Put a bottle of hot water on the problem area. Even if a warm bath is, in most cases, the best solution for back pain, don’t give in to temptation. Hot water can cause contractions.

Apply cold compresses locally. Yes, it seems contradictory, but the pain can also disappear with cold temperatures. Therefore, if your back hurts during pregnancy, use cold compresses or, instead, an ice bag from the freezer, wrapped in a towel.

Do exercises to relax your back muscles. Sign up for a pregnancy gym or have an easy massage with your partner.

Use special ointments, but only at the advice of the doctor, who will prescribe the safe ones in pregnancy.

Back pain during pregnancy