How to motivate your child to read more books

In the age of technology, almost every child knows how to use TV, computer, tablet and smartphone. However, little ones shouldn’t spend too much time in front of the screens, even if they offer them the opportunity to learn new things.

Children are less and less attracted by reading books. Today, I prepared some tips that will help you make your child love this hobby that will help him so much.

Present reading as a choice, not an obligation
Children should be encouraged to read, but they shouldn’t see this activity as an obligation. This is also why many students don’t read the books recommended by teachers – reading should be a fun way to spend your time, you shouldn’t feel forced to open a book.

Give your child a wide variety
Each person has certain preferences when it comes to books, and your child is no different. If he doesn’t like reading at the moment, he may not have found his favorite genre or style yet. Some good suggestions are adventure books, fantasy books or science fiction, which will allow the little one to dream.

Bring the books to life
The possibilities are endless! You can test recipes for foods that have appeared in books, you can go to the planetarium after reading a book about space, or, if the budget allows, you can choose as a vacation destination a place that the little one has “visited” in a book.

Be an example
This is perhaps the most important piece of advice on this list. Whether we like it or not, everything we do influences our children, whether we are talking about behavior, language or hobbies. If the little one sees you often relaxing with a book in your hand, the chances of him loving it and reading will be greater.

Motivate your child to read books