How to make pores disappear with only 1 ingredient

Dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate in open pores, causing major skin irritation. It seems impossible to get rid of pores. Here is how to make pores disappear with only 1 ingredient.

What about the expensive creams we find in pharmacies? First of all, they are expensive. Second, they don’t act properly, drying the skin, actually creating a bigger problems.

But there is a method by which you can close open pores, and you only need one ingrediet: baking soda.

Indeed, this ingredient can be turned into a solution for the skin, which works in treating the pores with problems.

Here’s how to apply the treatment:

First, wash your face carefully using an unscented face wash solution. Then put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in your hand. Mix it with a little water to obtain paste. After that, massage your face with the obtained paste, for 30 seconds.

Don’t rub, just massage gently. At the end you can rinse your face with water, and you can wipe it off easily with the towel.

Apply the treatment for a week, daily. Then you can maintain the routine, using it 3-4 times a week. Thus, your pores will be cleansed and invigorated!

Pores remedy