How To Keep Your Allergies Away!

Allergy is an abnormal (an acute sensitivity) reaction of the immune system to certain substances called allergens that are harmless to healthy organisms. Allergic reactions may be caused by a variety of allergens: pollen, mites, dust, mold, animal hair, metals (nickel, cobalt), cosmetics (ethylenediamine – a substance contained in hair dyes), food (peanut butter, dairy products, etc.), household products (chlorine used in the composition of laundry bleaches), medicines (aspirin, penicillin, sulfamide, procain)

How to keep your allergies away:

  1. Avoid outdoor activities in the morning, when the pollen density is very high, or wear a nose and mouth protection mask.
  2. Don’t use synthetic fabrics: due to friction, produce an allergen-attracting electrostatic field.
  3. Keep as much as possible doors and windows closed during the spring, including at night, to limit the penetration of allergens. Using a purifier (Air Purifier with Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy) with or without air ionization system can help you to prevent allergies. Some even have a special pollen filter. Clean it as often as possible the air filters and all the places where pollen (furniture, ventilation grills, etc.) can be stored.
  4. Remove allergens from clothes or shoes as often as possible; they can accumulate in hair, face or hands and require removal by washing with water.
  5. Clean your nose with nasal solutions with sea water or saline (“saline showers”).
  6. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against pollen.
  7. Aspirate your home twice a week to effectively remove allergens and wear a mask to avoid inhalation.
  8. Animals should be kept only indoors or outdoors to avoid to bring new allergens in your home.
  9. Limit the contact with irritants (house cleaning solutions, insect sprays, deodorants, cigarette smoke, etc.).
  10. Don’t move to another geographic area, avoid areas with vegetation and it’s preferable to go to sea during allergenic seasons.