How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using Garlic

Cellulite is one of the nightmares that many women face with. It can cause serious health problems (on the skin), so it’s not just a matter of aesthetics.There are many natural remedies against cellulite, and one of them is regular garlic.

Garlic has been known since ancient times as a natural antibiotic, ideal to fight against various infections. It’s used to treat healing wounds or to fight against flu and cold symptoms. Garlic also has uses in the cosmetic area. Garlic fights against bacteria that cause cellulite, according to a study by Indian and British researchers several years ago.

All you have to do is to crush 3 garlic cloves and consume them. Consume two to three tablespoons of raw garlic after eating for about 13 days. You can get rid of garlic taste by drinking some milk right after eating it. You can apply the garlic paste directly to the problematic area for a few minutes, but we don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin that easily irritates!

Anti-cellulite massage compensates the garlic treatment
1. Anti-cellulite stimulation massage: this type of massage has the role of stimulating areas affected by cellulite with light pressures with the back of the hand. After this first phase, take a rough glove and press again without rubbing. Anticellulite cream is only applied when the area gets a pink color through circular movements, from the bottom to the top.

2. Anti-cellulite massage performed on wet skin: very time you go out of the shower you should massage area with cellulite, because the skin is more receptive to the substances from the cellulite cream, and massaging is much easier.

3. Light anti-cellulite massage. First, apply the specific cream on the problematic area, after which grab skin between the navel of the fingers and the thumb and pull slightly outwards.