How To Gain Weight In A Natural Way

It may seem like a paradox, but many women would like to gain some extra weight. When you have too little kilograms, it’s the same bad feeling like when you have extra kilograms, because you don’t feel good with your body.

A diet plan

First of all, you will need to have a special nutrition plan for “fattening”. This doesn’t mean three meals a day at fast food, but a nutrition that will help you to gain some weight in a healthy and natural way. You just have to consume a big amount of calories. Target to six meals a day, in order to use your stomach with high food volume. If you’re wondering how big your portions should be, try to eat more than a person who is trying to lose weight. If you take a lot of snacks. Don’t be afraid of foods rich in calories, such as olives, chocolate or cakes.

A special fitness program for your body

It’s a myth that people are going to gym just to lose weight, you can also go to gym to gain weight. Ask a fitness instructor to build a special program for you, in order to develop muscle mass that doesn’t require aerobic effort.

Don’t train too much

You won’t develop your muscular mass if you get exhausted by lifting weights. Fitness sessions have to be short and focused and don’t forget to take rest breaks between sets of exercises. Use weights that “provoke you”, but they shouldn’t be heavier than you can handle. Properly used techniques are essential for your progress.


Once you’ve decided to gain weight, train only Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so your muscles have time to relax and grow. Even cardio-vascular exercises should be performed periodically, so your muscular system has time to recover after exercise.