How to encourage independence in your child

Independence is not something your children learn by themselves. They have neither the perspective, the experience nor the skills necessary to separate from you. Independence is rather a gift that you can give to your child and that he will enjoy all his life.

In order to encourage independence in your child, you need the following:

• Your child should receive love and respect;
• You need to trust your child’s potential;
• You must teach your child to have control over his own life;
• You must guide the child to freedom to make his or her own decisions.

Teach him about responsibility

One of your missions as a mother is to explain to your child what responsibility is. The best way to do this is to determine what his responsibilities are as a child, but to show him that you also fulfill your responsibilities. When the little one has a clear picture of what is expected of each of you, then it will be easier to fulfill your duties.

Make a list of what you need to do to help your child to succeed. After that, make a list of the responsibilities of the little one. Then, identify the other people your child needs to fulfill their responsibilities (such as the father, teachers, etc.).

Ask questions

Children have the cynical impression that what is happening is not from their fault. When the little one distinguishes the bad from the good, he will become more independent. It is important to teach the little one that he has to be responsible for his own actions. Children are tempted not to be responsible for their actions in order to protect themselves from failure. They blame external factors such as other people, bad luck or injustice, thus protecting their own ego.

Encourages exploration

When you have a small child, you are tempted to keep it short because you want to protect him. This care gives the little child a sense of security because they know they have a safe place to go if they venture too far and that you are there to protect them if needed. There is, however, a very fine line between safety and addiction. When your child feels safe, you should encourage him or her to explore beyond his or her comfort zone. Thus, children test their own skills and develop competencies and gain independence.

Independence and children