How to discover the hidden talent of your child

Some parents complain that even by the age of adolescence their child has no talent. Psychologists contradict them and claim that, from childhood, certain skills come out, sometimes discreet, sometimes visible.

It doesn’t necessarily require money investments to discover the hidden talents of your child. Often, it is sufficient for parents to pay attention to a few aspects.

A first sign
In the first phase, investments in expensive courses are worthless. Start by observing your children when playing. See what their interests and abilities are, how they get involved, and how they react in the presence of other children. These seem details, but they are important benchmarks for finding hidden talent. Another way is to talk to him. Most of the time, a simple discussion will clarify you, because he will tell you in his own words what he likes to do and why.

Extra activities
If after applying the observation and discussion method and you still haven’t figured it out, sign him up for some extracurricular activities. Try them one at a time, not to overwhelm him. You can start with sports, let’s say. If, after a few sessions, he refuses to go, don’t insist.  Try another domain, one that belongs to the artistic or intellectual sphere (chess club, etc.). At some point, he will realize for himself where he wants to stay and what to dig deeper into.

More kinds of talent
The skills are manifested in different ways, depending on the type of intelligence the child is equipped with. According to psychologists, there is mathematical, emotional, artistic intelligence, etc., depending on the interest expressed. So, don’t worry if your little one doesn’t inherit father’s passion for numbers; perhaps it is endowed with musical talent, which manifests through sensitivity to sounds and a fascination for music. J

For example, according to a study that included young musicians, children with the potential to become artists, they learned 400% faster than those who are not talented. Also, children with visual skills are leaders when they come into contact with activities that highlight their qualities, that is, designing different things, modeling or drawing. Such children become good architects or designers. As for children who are gifted with manual work, you quickly notice them because they express themselves best by doing something with their hands. Such children become skilled craftsmen.

Other clues that say a lot:
Analyze his school results. Look carefully at the big notes, which he doesn’t accidentally have in certain subjects. The notes or ratings don’t show everything, but you get an idea of ​​what their interests are.

Discover the talent of your child