How to cleanse your colon without pills

There are certain foods that act as a good medicine for your colon, their primary role being to clean it. It’s important to have a clean colon, so, in this article, you will read about some methods to cleanse it, without pills.

1. Fresh vegetables. Particularly green vegetables (including tomatoes in their early stages) provide a good cleanse of the body and colon. These vegetables help to clean undigested foods. The reason why undigested food stays in the large intestine can also be aging because the body begins to produce less gastric acid and fewer essential enzymes. If you can’t eat raw or green vegetables, try natural juices from green fruits such as green apple kiwi or pear juice.

2. Colon cannot be cleaned efficiently without the help of fibers. Their role, in this case, is essential. Fiber helps the natural contractions of the intestine to eliminate food as easily as possible. If bowel movements and contractions are rare, constipation and other toxin accumulation problems occur. To keep it clean and healthy, the colon needs about 30 grams of fiber every day.

3. As we already know, the body contains both bad bacteria and good bacteria. To maintain good bacteria, probiotics are most recommended to be consumed. Cabbage, yogurt, kefir or pickles contain good bacteria such as bifidus and lactobacillus.

4. Finally, one of the most important and vital element is water. The colon cannot be cleaned without the necessary amount of water. The recommendation of specialists is that we need to consume at least 2 liters of water every day. If we don’t follow this recommendation, we will cause constipation.