Here Is What To Do When A Fish Bone Is Stuck In Your Throat

First of all, remember that it’s not necessary to panic, because it rarely happens that the bone to produce more than a discomfort. Panic will do your job, in order to get rid of him much harder. Calm down and try one of the following remedies:

1. The first and most handy solution is to cough strongly, to move the bone. It’s very possible to come out of the neck and there are no needed more intervetions.

2. Put a little salt in a glass of water and drink the liquid with large sips. This method works especially for very small bones that will dislocated and transported in the stomach by the water.

3. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of a fish bone stuck in your throat: Take a piece of fresh bread (the more fluffy, the better),chew it a little, then swallow it. The fish bone will stick to it or it will bend into it and it will be pulled into the stomach. In order to make even more effective this method, stretch a little peanut butter on the bread surface, because the bone is easier to stick to.

4. Boil a few olives in 200 ml of water and then drink the liquid slowly, while is still warm. This remedy works because it softens the bone and makes it easier to get out of your throat in just a few minutes.

5. Boil some very sticky rice and swallow a spoon of it without chewing it.

6. Take a mouthful of a banana and keep it in your mouth for a few minutes to soften, then swallow it like that. You may need a mouthful of water to swallow the piece of banana, but it’s almost certain that it will pull the bone.

7. Eat peanuts, nuts or almonds. Chew them very well, then swallow them. Their grungy texture helps remove the bone from the neck.

8. One of the most popular methods in China is to drink a small amount of diluted vinegar. It softens the bone and then it becomes easy to remove it.