What Happens If You Put Onion In Your Socks While Sleeping

Did you know that there are some points on the feet with direct access to your internal organs? In Chinese medicine they are known as meridians points and are associated with each organ found in the body.There are people who do not recognize the existence of energy meridians but people familiar with Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is closely linked to the nervous system.

On the feet exist different nerve endings (about 7,000 meridians) related to different organs. They are like an electrical circuit in the body, very strong and also often inactive because people wear shoes and doesn’t go too often to acupuncture to activate meridian points.
Therefore it is recommended to go barefoot on the outside. In order to meridians to be stimulated and your body to be loaded with negative ions from the Earth’s magnetic field.
Onions and garlic are known for their abilities in air purification and destruction of germs and bacteria when are applied to the skin. Also, phosphoric acid (the substance that makes you cry when you cut an onion) enters into the blood and helps to purify the blood.
It is not recommended to eat onions after few hours you cut them, because it collects germs and bacteria from the air. So, you can purify the blood and destroys germs and bacteria in two easy steps.

Step 1: Cut the organic onion into slices (red or white onion)
It is recommended to use organic onion because it does not contain pesticides and other chemicals that you did not want to enter into your circulatory system. Cut the onion into slices, then put them over the entire surface of the sole and leave them all night.

Step 2: Put a slice of onion in every sock and go to bed. During sleep, the natural healing power of onions will start to clean your blood, killing bacteria and germs and absorbing toxins through the skin.

Also, onions purify the air in the room. In England during the plague, people were cutting onions and let them in the room to purify the air and to help to get rid of infections, colds and other diseases.