This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Always Use Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become a necessity, but you must not abuse its use. See what happens when you always use your smartphone. Nowadays, mobile phones are not just used to call and send messages, but they are a connection to the world around us. Although they are very useful, their use also has some side effects.

You become antisocial
A study conducted by the British researchers has shown that people have negative feelings about people who are talking to them while they are looking at their phones, according to Research has shown that those who use the smartphone all the time do not inspire as much confidence as those who do not use it so often. Try to stay away from the mobile when you go out, because it is respectful for those around you.

Increases the level of stress in the body
The fact that your phone constantly sends you messages or mail, stresses you, even if you do not realize it. A study conducted by the Swedish researchers showed that women who use mobile phone excessively are prone to trouble sleeping and stress, while men who have the same habits have an increased risk of depression.

The immune system becomes weaker
Did you know that your cell phone contains more germs and bacteria than the toilet cover? A study made by researchers at the University of London showed that there are dangerous bacteria on these devices, such as E. coli. You can limit your exposure to these germs if you use your mobile phone less.

Increases the risk of chronic pain
Swedish researchers have noticed that people who often send messages from their mobile phone risk to suffer chronic neck pain, back and hand pains. Repetitive movements can irritate the body’s tissue and cause inflammation that can lead to pain. Most people keep their head at 60 degrees when they use the phone, which is the equivalent of putting about 30 pounds of pressure on the neck and the spine. Try to keep your phone straight in front of you and stretch your neck muscles as often as possible to prevent health problems.