Habits That Are Causing You To Gain Weight

Are you staying away from fast food and candy, do you hit the gym on a regular basis and still manage to gain weight instead of losing it? It may come as a surprise, but weight often has nothing to do with your eating habits but is connected to your daily habits. Read on and see if you are also guilty of some of these weight gaining habits.

  1. Too much sleep. Sleep is great! During the nighttime your entire body is getting back to normal, cells regenerate and internal organs improve their functionality. You need sleep, still, oversleeping is not doing you any favors if you are looking to lose some extra pounds. Studies have linked higher body mass index to sleeping more than 10 hours a night.
  2. Getting ready in the dark. Morning light does you good! It is a natural metabolism booster and helps your body wake up and get ready for a new day! Don’t avoid the blue light waves from the early morning sun if you are in the process of losing weight.
  3. Make up your bed. Strange but true. Making your bed influences your sleep quality which plays a major role in your weight loss battle.
  4. Don’t forget to weight yourself. Daily weighing is a successful technique that encourages weight loss. It motivates you to keep up the good work and helps improve your self-esteem day by day. The best time for checking your weight is in the morning before you had any breakfast. Remember you are losing weight every night! Go check it in the morning.
  5. Have a proper sized breakfast! Mornings are for indulging yourself! Don’t hesitate and treat yourself with a delicious meal first thing in the morning! This is the most important meal of the day and the one that will give you energy all through the day!

Follow our advice and change your habits if you want to say good bye to a few extra kilos!