Grandma’s Tricks That Make Your Nails Grow Super Fast

Due to some health problems or unhealthy lifestyle, some people have nail growth problems. This creates frustration especially among women who always want to have an impeccable manicure.

A solution to have some long and beautiful nails is the application of false nails or gel construction, but many people get their nails extremely fragile when they give up to¬† this cosmetic process. Some people also feel increased nail sensitivity and stop applying gel to the salon. So, it’s not a healthy and recommended procedure.

If you want to have some healthy and natural nails here are some remedies that you can try at home, even today:

First of all, not only nails have to be cared for, but also cuticles. With the help of special bamboo sticks made for cuticles, they can be pushed gently after a pre-hydration. Hydrate them using natural oils that you have in your home.

Coconut oil is extremely good and nourishing for cuticles and makes your nails grow faster. Brush your nails and cuticles with oil before going to bed for 15 to 20 seconds. This improves blood circulation and also helps accelerating nail growth.

Also, excessive cuticles increase slows nails growing, so you must always be careful to be gently push them.

Give your nails a shape
It’s very important for the nails to have a well-defined shape, and this can be done at home. This helps the pressure on nail nerves to be balanced and leads to faster growth of their nails.

Because some products we use slow the growth of nails and become more fragile, it’s advisable to avoid acetone and instead use oil-based napkins that remove the nail polish.