Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Bites In A Few Seconds

Mosquitoes bites are very itchy. In the warm season and especially after it rained, green spaces are full of mosquitoes. Lately, the world is afraid of mosquitoes that carrying the West Nile virus. In other places in the world, the Zika virus is also transmitted by mosquitoes, and their effects are devastating.Here’s how you can avoid mosquito-borne diseases with remedies that you can prepare right at your home. 

In case of mosquitoes bites, you can use quick treatments to reduce the effects.
Hamamelis oil helps to treat the area as well as prevent swelling. Being a natural astringent, it can be applied directly to the skin. Mixed with baking soda, the paste can be applied directly on the bite.
White tea and chamomile tea bags – is a natural remedy not only for bee stings, but also for mosquitoes bites. Apply a tea bag directly on the bitten area.

Citrus oils are very good and are also used in sprays and creams against mosquitoes.
So you can mix lemon essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint oil, ylang ylang and lemongrass essential oil. They don’t need to be all mixed, but they are all oils that keep mosquitoes away.

Also, such an oil can be mixed with coconut or olive oil, and before you leave your home, you can apply it to the areas that are not covered by clothes and the mosquitoes will not come close to you. In the evening, especially, it’s recommended to wear clothes that cover the body as much as possible and avoid places where is water.